The Beautiful Florida Fighting Conch

A post, with pictures, about the Florida Fighting Conch seashell.


The Sea Hare Is Not Furry and Cute

The sea hare is a strange looking creature that you most likely would not want to pick up.  More than likely you would say “what the heck is that?” It’s a slippery blob that can be dark purple or yellow-green, depending on the type, and it might be washed up on just about any Florida…

Match the Seashells to Their Names Worksheet

The seashell matching worksheet has twelve sea life images with a list of names in the center. Print it out as a worksheet for students or kids who are curious about sea life.

Can the Mangroves Survive This Oil Spill?

The first time I heard of the oil drilling platform disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, I immediately thought about Sanibel Island – and the Florida and gulf coastline – that is home to a huge and diverse variety of land and marine animals, including the mollusks. The oil spill will affect every living thing…