Aerial Photos of the Edgewater Florida Area

A friend of ours is a pilot. He happened to be out flying the other day while my son and I were boating. Although he never found us out on the river, he did share these photos with my son and I. It’s always fun to see a place you recognize from the air! In…

Pink Crown Conch At The Hermit Crab Party

Florida sea life gathering of hermit crabs in colorful seashells out in the wild.

A Scary Walk in the Lagoon Where Alligators Call Home

A few weeks ago my son and I decided to try out a new boat launch down on Merritt Island. We put in at the Biolab boat ramp, which has a good size parking lot and one small ramp. The trouble was that the ramp is in shallow water, with a marked access out to…

Little Island Beaches, Get There Only By Boat

The beaches of Florida are talked about a lot. They attract tourists year round, but those are ocean beaches. Waves and sand and even drive-on beaches make Florida a unique beach vacation destination. My favorite beaches are not on the ocean. They are far from the crowds and tourists and often have no people present….

Souvenir Horse Conch Seashell

After the mollusk died, this large seashell was left to be buried under the sand, until a friend stepped on it and dug it up.