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  1. Jamie

    Hi, I was just wondering if you have ever seen anything like this on a shell? I was researching it and your blog came up so I thought I’d ask.
    Thank you,
    Jamie Mills

  2. annieolson

    I came across your site looking for people to share my eco friendly shells with. My site is essenceofthespiral.com. Would love to share together

    1. Pam

      Hello Annie, I’m so glad to find that you are a genuine lover of snails and the shells they make. I love your blog and your crafts! Like you, I have evolved from simply finding shells on the beach, to learning about the amazing animals that make the shells, and appreciating and learning about them. I love that your shells are eco-friendly. I’d be happy to link to your blog / shop. Your DIY video is pretty cool too. Thanks for reaching out. Is it okay with you if I use one of your shell images if I write a page about you? Everything would link back to you of course.

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