Pink Crown Conch At The Hermit Crab Party

Florida sea life gathering of hermit crabs in colorful seashells out in the wild.


Pictures of Cone Shells

The cone shell is recognizable by it’s somewhat flattened spiral / spire at the top. Some cone snails are deadly, not only to prey but to humans as well. The geographic cone snail can grow to be six inches long, and it’s venom can be fatal to humans. Ironically, some of those toxins can be…

Finding Shells (and Other Creatures) on The East Coast of Florida

Sanibel and Captiva Islands on Florida’s Gulf coast is a popular tourist destination for the serious seashell collector. It is possible to find some quite rare shells there, and it’s impossible to not find any. Some of the beaches on Sanibel Island are nothing but shells! But if you travel to Florida’s east coast –…

The Pink Conch Seems at Home in the Sunshine

The beautiful coloring of shells won’t last forever and especially if you put them outdoors in the sun.  I bought a couple of large pink conchs about 20 years ago and I’ve loved adding them to my sunny porch railing in summer.  Lately I’ve noticed that they are looking more faded and not quite so…

Match the Seashells to Their Names Worksheet

The seashell matching worksheet has twelve sea life images with a list of names in the center. Print it out as a worksheet for students or kids who are curious about sea life.