Coloring Page Printout – Junonia

The junonia seashell is rare and a coveted collector’s item.  The Sanibel Ialand area is the place to scour the seashore in hopes of finding one.  Even collecting a worn, or broken piece of this shell is a big deal. Visit my previous post to see a picture of a real Junonia shell and learn […]

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huge horse conch seashell

The Florida Horse Conch Printable Coloring Page

The horse conch (scientific name: Pleuroploca gigantea) is the state shell of Florida. It can be very large – up to 2 feet long!  My photo above shows two empty shells that we found while boating on the river.  Read more about finding that 17 inch, huge horse conch shell. Please feel free to download and […]

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At The Shore Coloring Page

Print out this free coloring page depicting a pail and shovel at the ocean shore. A “drippy” sand castle in the background and small starfish and sand dollar also decorate the page. This drawing is free to use as long as it is not sold. If you have never made a drippy sand castle, I’ll […]

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