Our boat docked at low tide on the flats

Park Open, Boating Again, May 2020

Our local park and boat launch area has been closed due to the Covid flu lockdown, but recently re-opened. Of course everyone was anxious to get out… to swim, boat and get fresh air. It was a beautiful day in May and we headed out in our Hewes Redfisher to cruise around. The tide was […]

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Why Are You Interested In Seashells?

When I began writing this blog about seashells I did so hoping to sell paper products containing my seashell photography, like the card below. I lived in New Hampshire at the time, which is funny because my shells had been collected when I lived in Florida. But my Zazzle business, and especially my seashell and […]

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sharks eye with hermit crab

Almost Got A Gorgeous Sharks Eye

The sharks eye seashell is easy to identify with it’s round, swirled shape. I have a few of them, but the big ones (they can be up to 3 inches across) are truly gorgeous. The shell is smooth and usually a gray-brown color. It’s a chunky round shell and I’m always on the lookout for […]

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jellyfish on beach

New Smyrna Beach Jellyfish, Seaweed, and a Bumpy Beach Drive

We are still waiting for the boat we ordered to come in and I’m dying to get out on the water. ¬†For now I must be content with visiting the beach and river. This morning I headed over to Flagler Ave. to see how the ocean looked. ¬†There have been beach advisories lately because of […]

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