About the Little Pear Whelk Seashell

Photos and info about the Pear whelk, or Fig whelk, seashell which I find regularly when out on the boat.


Real Live Lightning Whelk Mollusk

A living lightning whelk with a pretty shell gave me some nice photos to take home.

Found a Big Living Horse Conch, Exciting!

While out on the boat just the other day we were fishing the backwaters north of Mosquito Lagoon. It was low tide and my son wanted to fish in Oyster Bay because the oyster mounds would be easy to see and navigate. As we entered the bay area a large area of very shallow water…

Florida; Paradise or Overcrowded Oven, You Decide

It seems that everyone living here in the northeastern US, flocks to Disney World and Florida any chance they can get.  Most likely they do it in other parts of the country and world too since I know the tourists are from all over, but all I personally know about is here. The television commercials show…