Worm Shells Coloring Page

worm shells and sea urchin
Sea urchin and worm shells

Help yourself to this worm shell coloring page. (Use freely except to sell). I’ve included outlines of four West Indian worm shells that are usually found along the southeastern coast of Florida and in the West Indies in shallow water. They are sometimes found clumped together washed up on the beaches.
They are not “worms” and get their name from the look of the shell.
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worm shell art
Worm Shell Drawing


Quiet Day On The Boat

A hot and beautiful day on the boat took us to a remote river island, a stop in the ocean, and then to Ponce Inlet.

Pretty Gray Banded Tulip Shell

A quick little share of this pretty gray banded tulip shell found on a recent boating trip. Read more shelling stories on the blog


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Fighting Conch Seashell Coloring Page

The Florida fighting conch is an interesting marine snail. The shell is thick and heavy and can be dark purple in color.

I found a living fighting conch one time up by Ponce Inlet and got some photos and videos.

The conch below is alive and the photo was taken on our boat deck. I put the snail there to get a photo, then he went back into the water.

fighting conch

Live Fighting Conch Shows Himself

This is a photo of another live conch and he came right out of his shell! Read more and see photos of this awesome sea snail here.

living fighting conch mollusk
Wow, beautiful color on this Florida fighting conch

Free Coloring Page of the Fighting Conch Shell

Florida fighting conch shell
Seashell Coloring Printout

Seashell Coloring Page: Turkey Wing Shell

The striped turkey wing seashell coloring page for anyone to use for personal use.

Please feel free to download and print out these turkey wing seashell outlines to use as coloring pages or educational pages for personal use.

I’ve included this photo of mine for reference.

Turkey wing bivalve seashells have pretty brown stripes.
Turkey Wing
Turkey wing seashell coloring page
Turkey Wing Shells
Turkey wing seashell coloring page to download and print out for free, personal use.

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Today we went out on the boat. It’s been a while since we’ve gone out because the weather has cooled off. We weren’t out for long, and stopped at some favorite beaches because the tide was out. There wasn’t much to see, and then … there it was! A living horse conch. The bright orange…

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