huge horse conch seashell

The Florida Horse Conch Printable Coloring Page

The horse conch (scientific name: Pleuroploca gigantea) is the state shell of Florida. It can be very large – up to 2 feet long!  My photo above shows two empty shells that we found while boating on the river.  Read more about finding that 17 inch, huge horse conch shell. Please feel free to download and […]

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Worm Shells Coloring Page

Help yourself to this worm shell coloring page. (Use freely except to sell). I’ve included outlines of four West Indian worm shells that are usually found along the southeastern coast of Florida and in the West Indies in shallow water. They are sometimes found clumped together washed up on the beaches. They are not “worms” […]

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queen conch shells

Queen -or Pink- Conch Coloring Page

  Known as a “Queen”, “Pink” or “Caribbean” conch (pronounced “konk”). Please help yourself to a copy of this coloring page. This large conch is becoming endangered because of over fishing in the tropics for food and shell collecting.  My Experience With Big Seashells This seashell is not something I am likely to find in […]

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Sand Dollar Art

Drawn by hand, this sand dollar is called an Arrowhead. Sand dollars are found in groups along the sandy bottom of the ocean. When alive they have a dark appearance and can be brown, black or purple. We always picture them as being white but that happens when they are washed up on shore and […]

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