Boring Life Being Sick With Covid

Losing a month of my life from being sick with Covid.

Somehow we managed to avoid getting sick with Covid since it began even though I live with my son who is a firefighter. Many of the guys he worked with tested positive over the past couple of years, but he (and I) stayed healthy. I figured if he got it, I definitely would, but it worked out the other way around.

The 2022 year of sickness began with my cat Skittle. Over Memorial Day weekend we had to take her to the emergency vet. She was not eating or drinking anything for a couple of days. I wondered how long a cat can go without drinking? My regular vet was not available, so we went to the vet hospital. Yes, It was very expensive! They did loads of tests, but basically found nothing major wrong with her.

cat leg shaved for illness
Skittle with a shaved leg from the Vet Hospital

We took her home after an overnight stay, and within a day or so she began to drink and then started eating and eventually got better.

Not long after that, I got sick. I couldn’t eat, felt horrible, had a fever and basically spent all my time on the couch or in bed. I have a work-from-home job, so I did not test myself for Covid. I stayed home and waited to get better.

About a week later my son came home from work sick. He needed to test for Covid for work and he was positive. My test was negative but I’d been sick for a couple of weeks by then. I’m sure I had Covid because it was unlike any illness I’ve ever had. My son thinks we had the new strain.

Some days I would feel pretty good and think it was finally going away. Then the fever would return and I would feel horrible again. It was up and down like that so mostly I sat around and did nothing.

My son recovered within a couple of weeks, but being older (I guess?) my recovery was slower.

New travel trailer
Picking up the camper from La Mesa RV

We had also just taken delivery of a new RV camping trailer. Two days later I was sick. We finally went camping the end of July. We did a quick overnight stay at Salt Springs in the Ocala National Forest and I will be writing a blog post about that soon.

Back in Florida After a Visit to New Hampshire

Because Covid kept me away from New Hampshire for over two years, I took an extended trip recently. Two of my four kids live there and it was very nice to see them again. (And my daughter’s cat, Frankie!)

I got to spend lots of time with the family members I seldom see, including Frankie the Cat.

cat in sun on steps

I love New Hampshire for it’s quaint, small towns like Hancock, where we visited Fiddlehead’s Cafe and shopped at the Hancock Market. One day we were waiting for our pizza from Fiddleheads (really delicious) and took a stroll around the tiny downtown, where I took this photo of some vintage buildings.

Trees and shrubs were just beginning to bloom after the long, northern winter. And there were mountain views, rolling hills, and clear ponds and rivers to enjoy everywhere. Not to mention, small populations.

While I was there (in March and April) I saw all kinds of weather, which is pretty typical for New England. One day it reached 80 degrees, and although it was nothing like the humid 80 degrees of Florida, it was warm.

But most days begin in the 40’s and warmed to 50 or 60. One day it snowed! It was like Christmas for me! But the locals were not happy to have a snowstorm in April! I was the only happy soul in the area.

snow snowstorm New Hampshire late season winter
April snow in New Hampshire

This is not where I write about my New England visits, but I wanted to explain my absence from writing about seashells and boat trips.

I began walking a lot during my visit, because I stayed in an area I know, and the weather was great for walking and hiking.

Now, I am continuing my journey to good health by continuing to walk every morning in my neighborhood. There is no need to wonder which coat I should wear, or remembering to dress in layers. Every summer morning in Florida is plenty hot. The rule is to just wear as little as possible!

Florida road walking early morning
Early morning walk in Florida

If you want to see more photos of my New Hampshire trip, please visit New England’s Narrow Road.

Getting Ready For a Seacoast Christmas

As a Zazzle designer I have been busy updating my Holiday Store with new beach and tropical themed Christmas products. This blog has also been converted to a partial website for my store. You can bypass all that by choosing “blog” and continue to read as always.

Christmas in the Tropics

Anyone who lives in a warm climate will probably have Christmas needs that differ from the norm. Sea and sand designs take the place of snow and winter scenes. I know because I live in Florida year round. For that reason I began designing with people like me in mind. We love seashells, sand dollars and starfish. We choose to send holiday greetings with warm tropical scenes. And, we decorate our homes with seasonal sayings on pillows with starfish and sand dollars.

Christmas Throw Pillows

Tropical Tree Skirts

Christmas Cards With a Beach Theme

Send special cards this holiday season from a tropical location. Be sure to check the top of this site for current sales and coupon codes to enjoy the savings.

View my Christmas Card collection and find something unique to mail this year. Sales go on all year long and which makes every day a good one to stock up and get a jump on the holiday season.

Holiday Aprons – View the Apron Collection

Customers love the new, all-over print, aprons. They come in three sizes for all family members.

Aprons make the baking season a bit less stressful while keeping your clothes looking fresh. Long, bib aprons with custom text also make wonderful gifts for bakers and cooks in the family.

Custom Family Dinner Menus, Just For Fun!

Menus for a family dinner can be created easily using one of the many templates in my stores. Many menu samples have space for the name of the cook next to the food they cooked or baked. This way everyone knows who to credit for the delicious holiday food!

See more Menu Templates for events and occasions.

I also sell some pretty awesome tree ornaments with templates. Create your own holiday ornaments to commemorate an occasion (first Christmas, new baby, new home), celebrate an engagement, remember a pet, capture a child’s face.

Ornaments For the Tree

I make tropical themed ornaments as well as traditional designs. All ornaments have places for your text and some have photo templates as well.

First Christmas in our new home, heart shaped ornaments for the tree to customize with text on both sides.
New Home
Pink plumeria, heart ornament for newlywed couples celebrating a first married Christmas.
Married Christmas
New Baby / Adopted Child
Wood Cube – 4 photos
Your Photo on Back
More colors

Please also visit the Gifts page where personalized gifts for all can be found. Men and teen boys tend to be difficult to buy for – I know, I raised three boys! My sons were more into music than sports, but I design for both because teenage boys are a forgotten group.

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