boat with poling platform being used

My Simple Zazzle Promoting Strategy

Zazzle designing and promoting are tough to combine for many designers. But to get our products out there, we have to promote them. As much as we may hate the idea of being pulled away from the designing part of our jobs, promotion is essential to finding customers. After all, we are in this business […]

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Sandhill crane adult and babies

Sandhill Cranes, The Big Birds of Florida

I worry about Sandhill Cranes, as I worry about almost all of Florida’s wildlife – except maybe the gators. Alligators creep me out, and they don’t have much except for man that can kill them. And even then, special permits are needed, and the capturing is not easy, as you can imagine. But they all […]

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River Deck restaurant New Smyrna Beach

The Old Sea Harvest Restaurant Re-invented as the River Deck

Anyone who remembers the old Sea Harvest restaurant in New Smyrna Beach, Florida will remember the charm of a low key place that served up great food for an affordable price. After hurricanes destroyed the dock and possibly the restaurant itself, the place sat empty for a while. The Dolphin View took over the location […]

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Home office

What to Include in a Beach Rental Binder or Notebook

Whenever vacationers come to stay at your rental home, one of the first things they look for is information. Even local visitors will need information about the house or condo or apartment and everything should be in one easy to find place. Most renters use a binder or notebook where rules and regulations are easily […]

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A lined seastar

Found a Five-legged Lined Sea Star

As we searched the low tide sandy areas of Three Sisters Islands my son called me over to see this five-legged sea star which I have since learned is called a Lined Sea Star. I’ve never seen a sea star, or starfish, while out on the boat, nor have I found one anyplace else on […]

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