starfish coloring page with 9-legged starfish

Starfish, or Sea Stars, Coloring Page Printout

One of the first “seashells” I wrote about on this blog was the starfish. However, it is not a seashell but echinoderm and is related to the sea urchin, sea cucumber and sand dollar. In other words, they don’t have a hard shell. If you find dried starfish, they can break easily. Where I live […]

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starfish sea star beach sand marine life

Starfish Make Us Feel Good

What a magical find – a dried (and whole) starfish sitting right there on the beach! I can’t say that I’ve ever found one, just pieces (and a dead, 5-legged lined sea star). Unlike the mollusk’s shell, the exoskeleton of the sea star is easily broken that is why it’s difficult to find a nice […]

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Whatever You Call Them, Starfish (or Sea Stars) Are Quite Amazing

Who does not love to come across a big, white (all in one piece) starfish when walking along the seashore? Well, you might find a starfish that you wouldn’t recognize as such because they can look very different than what we typically think. Starfish are really sea stars and although you probably think of them […]

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The Star of the Ocean

Starfish are sea stars.  Although we think of them as being 5 legged creatures and most likely picture them as a bright white color, in reality they are quite different. Starfish are not fish at all.  They are part of the Echinoderm family along with sea urchins, sea cucumbers and sand dollars. They have an […]

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Making Seashell Garland

Christmas in the tropics means decorating with seashells of course! And you don’t have to live in a warm climate to have a themed Christmas tree either. When I lived in central Florida, lots of crafty people would have their seashell ornaments ready to sell at the local craft fairs  and shops in the Fall […]

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