Match the Seashells to Their Names Worksheet

seashell matching page for kids
seashell matching sheet

This student handout is a fun way for kids to learn the names of Florida seashells. Complete it by drawing lines from the name of the shell to the image on the side. Because the printout is in black and white, it might be fun to have kids look up the shell online, or in a book, to color it correctly.

You can become more familiar with the different types of shells at my Types of Shells article which I wrote at the Wizzley writing site.

I’ve been creating seashell coloring pages for a while with a single shell (or two) on each page.  This new seashell identification matching page is a bit different because it’s more of a learning page for classroom or home-school teaching.

This free, printable, page lists twelve common names of shells with the corresponding shell art along each side.  Kids can draw a line to connect the picture with the name and then they can color the page.  It’s not very difficult and may apply to many grade levels and ages.  I’ll leave that up to the teachers or parents to decide.  You may also get the Answer Sheet here, or visit my blog pages listed below which have pictures of the mollusks and echinoderms pictured on the worksheet.

Fighting Conch
Spiny Jewel Box
Cowry Shells
Sand Dollars
Lightning Whelk


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