starfish coloring page with 9-legged starfish

Starfish, or Sea Stars, Coloring Page Printout

One of the first “seashells” I wrote about on this blog was the starfish. However, it is not a seashell but echinoderm and is related to the sea urchin, sea cucumber and sand dollar. In other words, they don’t have a hard shell. If you find dried starfish, they can break easily. Where I live […]

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A Starfish / Sea Star Collection

When I traveled to Florida this past summer to visit my son, we visited with some of his friends and enjoyed a swim in their backyard, saltwater pool. Off to the side was a glass table with a bunch of dried starfish, or sea stars, so I took a photo. The home owners were not […]

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starfish sea star beach sand marine life

Starfish Make Us Feel Good

What a magical find – a dried (and whole) starfish sitting right there on the beach! I can’t say that I’ve ever found one, just pieces (and a dead, 5-legged lined sea star). Unlike the mollusk’s shell, the exoskeleton of the sea star is easily broken that is why it’s difficult to find a nice […]

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Whatever You Call Them, Starfish (or Sea Stars) Are Quite Amazing

Who does not love to come across a big, white (all in one piece) starfish when walking along the seashore? Well, you might find a starfish that you wouldn’t recognize as such because they can look very different than what we typically think. Starfish are really sea stars and although you probably think of them […]

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Star Fish Are Sea Stars

I think that the two most sought after sea creatures must be the sand dollar and the sea star, or commonly called “star fish”.  Neither one is a shell or a fish. I have found sea stars at the ocean, but they were all alive so I didn’t collect them. Now that I need some […]

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