Florida Vacation Rental House Review, Part 1

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I’ll begin this Florida vacation home review in a positive way, but the purpose of my post (posts) is to warn others NOT to rent this house when planning your Florida vacation.

(Since writing this review, I believe this house is no longer for rent- but let it be a warning.) The house was also for sale, but I sure wouldn’t give you much for it, even though it’s right on the Intracoastal Waterway on Florida’s east coast.

We found the Fisherman’s Cottage on the GreatOceanCondos(dot)com site and from the pictures online it looked perfect.  I will never use that site to rent any place again.

My two sons and myself wanted to rent a boat and have a place to fish and cruise the waterway. This house was located close to the ocean too, so heading over for a beach visit would be easy enough to do.  There were some things to like about this place, but the fact that the water in the house was NO GOOD made the stay horrible.

The overview of the place states that the house is on well water and that water is provided (a tank with a big water bottle on top) to use for cooking and drinking.  But with one bottle on the tank and the one outside empty, we bought our water at the nearby Publix.

AND…..What you won’t know until you actually rent the place and receive directions the week of your stay (it’s too late to back out then!), is that you also can’t wash white clothing (their words) or it will become discolored.  As a matter of fact, it’s all light-colored clothing that will be damaged, and not just whites, that are affected by the bad water!  And it tastes bad – as in brushing your teeth.

Because of this water issue, we never used the washer to clean any of our clothes.  I packed light for my trip with the idea that I could easily wash clothes as needed, but I couldn’t.  My son lives in Deltona, which is about 40 minutes away and we made two trips back to his place during the week to wash our clothes.  Even rinsing off in the outdoor shower at the rental put orange lines of color in my son’s gray plaid swimsuit.  And who doesn’t wear light colored clothing in Florida?  Especially in the middle of summer.  And after paying around $1,000 a week (in summer months), shouldn’t guests at a rental property expect decent water?  Or to at least be warned about the problem before booking the place?  Apparently at GreatOceanCondos the answer is “no”.  So, I am warning you.

View my next post for pictures you won’t see at the online rental site either.

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  1. I like to check out hotels (they now have vacation rentals) on tripadvisor.com before I commit. Maybe you could put up a review on their site too. It would help a lot of folks in the future!

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