A coastal home requires unique decor, whether beside tropical seas or on the cliffs of Maine. Worldwide, home owners and property decorators search for unique and beautiful items that reflect a love for the sea. At Seashells by Millhill we add customization to those types of products.

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home decor for tropical beach house themes
Home decor in tropical and beach themes. Find throw pillows, cozy blankets, lamps, wall art, and photo display ideas for living areas. Personalize mugs, aprons, cookbooks, paper goods, and linens for kitchen and dining use. Personalize a set of car floor mats and don’t forget the yard and garden – we offer yard signs and flags.

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home office products
Custom products for a home office or small business. Business cards, promotional material such as postcards, flyers, folders and letterhead stationery. Organize with file folders, calendars and binders. Decorate the office with lamps, business card holders, and desktop supplies.

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Products for rental property management
Create custom rental binders, folders, notebooks, promotional postcards, stationery, key rings, business cards, and more to help manage beach rentals and advertise vacation sites.

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Find lots of tropical Christmas cards, ornaments and stockings to customize with photos and text. Wrap gifts in beach themed paper and put one of our beautiful skirts under the tree. Holiday and New Year’s Eve party invitations also have warm climate themes, and get gift ideas that can be personalized for the whole family, including pets!

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We offer tropical fabric and ribbon for your crafting needs.

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Coming soon… ways to organize the home. Please visit the online store for now where you will find all the items listed. Thank you for your patience!

Get organized with custom binders, journals, folders, planners, and calendars. Create clothing labels for kids items and clothing. Personalize items with photos and text to make organizing a delight!