Seashell ID Worksheet

sharks eye shells and common Florida seashells

This seashell ID worksheet is printed on flyer paper and is ready to purchase at my Zazzle store. (See the FREE worksheet at the bottom of this page).

Bulk discounts apply, with sales listed at the top of the product page! Although I do offer free printouts, this one is for sale in my store because it was the easiest way to create it with the photo on the back.

The paper is 8×11 flyer paper in basic or value. This is a good way to buy in bulk for classroom or event use. (Think beach wedding sheets to keep kids busy!) Save 5% to 70% depending on the order quantity.

Sea Life ID Classroom / Homeschool Sheets to Buy in Bulk

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seashell ID sea life worksheet kids identify marine life
Front of worksheet
seashell photography shell ID worksheet
Photo on back

The sea life sheet contains a combination of seashells and marine life, like the sea star (starfish), urchin, and sea horse. None of these are the shells I typically find on my East Coast of Florida travels, except the “moon snail” aka Shark’s Eye, which is pretty common.

I recently found a sea star, which I had never come across before. Unfortunately, I think it was dead. The Junonia shell is a spotted beauty which can sometimes be found on the beaches of Sanibel Island. The Gulf of Mexico contains some really beautiful beaches with lots of great shells.

Sea Life Matching Worksheet – Free, Printable Page

This is an older sheet I made a while ago where names of each shell can be matched to the picture of the shell. If needed, the answer page can be found here. All images are copyright protected and are not free for commercial use. Please use this page for small homeschool classes or personal home use only.

Double click to download and print out.

seashell ID matching worksheet printable free classroom paper
Sea Life Worksheet to print for free – personal use only

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