Florida Vacation Fisherman’s Cottage Rental Review, Part 5

broken door on refrigerator
Annoying Broken Handle on the Fridge

After dealing with the horrible water, among other things (broken fridge door handle, etc.), at our Florida rental home I couldn’t wait to contact Great Ocean Condos and let them know how unhappy we were. I didn’t take my computer on vacation – I don’t work while I am on break, but the first time we went back to my son’s house to do laundry I used his computer to shoot a letter to the rental agency, and I told them how disgusting I thought the place was. They ended up refunding $75 to my credit card. That’s it! For putting up with lousy water a week. And we left a day early because of it.  Fortunately I had some place else to go – my son’s house. Continue reading “Florida Vacation Fisherman’s Cottage Rental Review, Part 5”

Florida Vacation Rental Review, Part 4

outdoor hot tub
About The Hot Tub

I made this picture large so you don’t miss the big, white hand in the background. Hmmmmmmm. I really have nothing more to say about that, but it was in the front yard of our Fisherman’s Cottage rental property.

The front yard (water side) is also where we found the hot tub. As you can see the cover is too large and it’s torn. Not in good shape – just like much of the rest of the place. It was the end of June when we rented this house in New Smyrna Beach so it was way too hot to consider going in the hot tub – and I knew that tub was full of the nasty water… yuk… who wants to soak in that? Continue reading “Florida Vacation Rental Review, Part 4”

Florida Vacation Rental: Fisherman’s ICW Cottage, Part 3

dirty rusted coffee pot
Let’s have coffee…. maybe not.

My past two posts have been about the ♦bad water and ♦nasty boat house at the Fisherman’s Intracoastal Cottage we rented this past June. It is located in New Smyrna Beach on the east coast of Florida – right along the waterway, which would ordinarily be a fabulous place to stay. Trouble with the water in the house should definitely have been made clear up front, and it wasn’t. In fact, why agree to rent a place at all that has such a drastic problem? And I do consider horrid water to be a BIG problem. We couldn’t drink it, cook with it, or wash clothes in it. It turned everything yukky – like the coffee pot we found in the kitchen. Seriously? You expect me to make coffee in that? Continue reading “Florida Vacation Rental: Fisherman’s ICW Cottage, Part 3”

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