Florida Vacation Rental Review, Part 4

outdoor hot tub
About The Hot Tub

I made this picture large so you don’t miss the big, white hand in the background. Hmmmmmmm. I really have nothing more to say about that, but it was in the front yard of our Fisherman’s Cottage rental property.

The front yard (water side) is also where we found the hot tub. As you can see the cover is too large and it’s torn. Not in good shape – just like much of the rest of the place. It was the end of June when we rented this house in New Smyrna Beach so it was way too hot to consider going in the hot tub – and I knew that tub was full of the nasty water… yuk… who wants to soak in that? Continue reading “Florida Vacation Rental Review, Part 4”

Florida Vacation Rental House Review, Part 1

florida scenic waterway
Sunrise Over the Indian River – my photo

I’ll begin this Florida vacation home review in a positive way, but the purpose of my post (posts) is to warn others NOT to rent this house when planning your Florida vacation.

(Since writing this review, I believe this house is no longer for rent- but let it be a warning.) The house was also for sale, but I sure wouldn’t give you much for it, even though it’s right on the Intracoastal Waterway on Florida’s east coast.

We found the Fisherman’s Cottage on the GreatOceanCondos(dot)com site and from the pictures online it looked perfect.  I will never use that site to rent any place again. Continue reading “Florida Vacation Rental House Review, Part 1”

Vacation Cottages on Sanibel Island

Beach at Wulfert, Sanibel Island, Florida, loo...
Image via Wikipedia

The last time I visited Sanibel Island we stayed at a very nice place right on the beach.  As I recall, we parked the car underneath the cottage and then walked up to the little deck that looked out on the Gulf of Mexico through some trees.  I can’t remember the name of it so I began looking for places to stay in hopes that I’d come across it.

The Beachview Cottages look nice although it’s difficult to tell how far from the actual beach they are located until you view the map and see that unless you are able to rent one of the front 2, you will not be literally “on the beach”.  Maybe you don’t care.

Castaways Beach and Bay Cottages looks nice too and what I really love about the site is the interactive map where you can click on any of the cottages or duplexes and see the inside and outside up close!  Very nice.  They also have boat docks and a marina with cottages available on the Gulf side or bay side.  The Castaways is a pet-friendly place, but there are rules to be followed and certain breeds are prohibited.

This is where I insert my “two cents”. I know many people who can not bear to leave their pets while they go away, but you should consider whether your pet will truly be comfortable in it’s new vacation surroundings or would he or she be better off waiting at home for you. And how much fun will you have on vacation, knowing that you can’t leave your pet alone in a cottage for longer than 2 hours? Aren’t vacations suppose to be free times to enjoy yourself? And one more note about letting your dog swim in the ocean – don’t let him drink the water!
On the other side of the coin – do you want to spend $1,000 and up to spend a week with other people’s animals? Just some thoughts.

Also be aware that if you choose to stay near a pool in any vacation spot you will most likely be subjected to lots of noise.

I haven’t come across the Hotel or Inn or whatever it was where we vacationed, but I am still looking. Maybe I’ll find the photos and possibly get my info from them.

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