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green beach glass

Create a Beautiful Pendant From Seashells or Sea Glass

I’m sure as a seashell collector you’ve seen the typical crafts being made with collected shells.  Frame a mirror, or make a wind chime, or cover a little trinket box.  But if you find something really special on your beach-combing ventures, why not wear it around your neck so it gets some nice visibility?

A pretty, or rare, seashell or piece of beach glass would make a lovely and unique pendant.  Something like that needs to be used in a special and creative way.

I know that jewelry making is popular, and I’ve never made any type of jewelry myself, but it’s something most people can easily learn to do.  Buy some wire, in silver, bronze or copper, and watch the Youtube video below – it moves right along, and has pop up text with useful information as you watch the woman create her sea glass pendant.  I think you’ll agree that any of us could handle making something like this.

You will need pliers, quality wire, and wire cutters, and of course the special item to be wrapped.

Often we are told to drill shells with a hole to create jewelry, which seems much more difficult.  This wire wrapping video is done with a piece of green beach glass, but it could also be used as an example of how to wrap a pretty seashell.  A small, spotted junonia hanging around your neck would be such a conversation piece!  If you do it, please let me show off a picture of your handiwork here to inspire other readers.  Have fun!


A Polyvore Creation: Packing for the Beach

things to take to the beach
Pack up That Beach Bag

I had fun on the Polyvore site making this image depicting what to pack in a beach bag.  I’ll explain more about Polyvore in a minute.

Going to the beach requires packing wisely. What you’ll need will depend on what you plan to be doing at the beach. Packing also depends on if you are on a long vacation and are staying in a hotel right on, or near the shore. You’ll need to take fewer items if your “home” is just a few steps away.

For the perfect beach day, where resting in one sunny spot for hours on end is the plan, sunscreen, drinking water, and sandals are the very least of what you will need. The sand can burn your feet! Many people read on the beach, so take a book, or paper to write a note, or sketch a picture. Sunglasses are an obvious necessity, and binoculars might be fun.

A cover-up of some sort is something I would take if I decided to head up to the boardwalk, or go for a walk along the water’s edge. The young people look fine in their bikinis, but my body in a swimsuit is not all that attractive any longer! But on Florida’s beaches, you needn’t worry as pretty much anything goes. It is quite amazing at how uninhibited people of all sizes feel among the throngs of beach-goers. Everyone can feel at home on a Florida beach. Continue reading A Polyvore Creation: Packing for the Beach