green beach glass

Create a Beautiful Pendant From Seashells or Sea Glass

I’m sure as a seashell collector you’ve seen the typical crafts being made with collected shells.  Frame a mirror, or make a wind chime, or cover a little trinket box.  But if you find something really special on your beach-combing ventures, why not wear it around your neck so it gets some nice visibility? A […]

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Eco-Friendly Seashell Jewelry

If you love to wear nature-made jewelry, including real seashells, doing some research before buying can assure you of having eco-friendly earrings and necklaces. In other words, they are crafted from shells that were found empty – uninhabited. The ocean seems to have an endless supply of shells for us to find. Have you ever […]

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Puka Shells: What Are They?

You may have heard of puka shell necklaces, or maybe you own one, but you’ve never heard of a seashell called a “puka” (or sometimes “puca”).  That is because the name “puka” is Hawaiian and means “hole” and was given to the bits of cone shells that had naturally occurring holes making them perfect for […]

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