Shell Size and Age of Mollusk: Queen Conch

My mind has really been on boating and the water lately but now I am back to thinking about seashells, specifically the queen conch (Strombus gigas) and the creatures who live in them. Someone who read my  Seashell Identification page at Wizzley asked  how old my conch shell was.  I have a picture posted on […]

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Pink conch shell on porch railing

The Demise of the Pink Conch

The Pink or Queen Conch (Strombus gigas), can grow to be a foot or more in length and has a smooth pink interior. (Horse conch snails can grow to be 2 feet long!). The pretty shell is in danger of disappearing because of its collection as a decoration after the snail is pulled from it’s […]

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Queen Conch Shells

The queen conch (pronounced “konk”), or pink conch, is becoming endangered.  The strombus gigas can grow to be quite large and has a pearly pink inside. The shells I own (in the photo below) were purchased many years ago at a shell shop…can’t even remember where, but probably on Sanibel Island or Fort Meyers in […]

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