Yacht on the ICW

A Little Drama in Mosquito Lagoon

It was too windy and we should not have taken a long trip down to Mosquito Lagoon. Unfortunately the weather in Florida is unpredictable and once you are out on the water, anything is possible. The wind creates waves which make the water choppy and gives us a bumpy ride. A little bit of that […]

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Haulover canal bridge

Sometimes You Just Have a Bad Day Out on the Boat

Boating is usually always a lot of fun. I really can’t understand anyone not wanting to be out on the water. The fresh air and scenery can’t be beat although sometimes the sunshine is overdone here. But some days even being on the boat can be stressful. A week or so ago we decided to […]

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Kennedy space center

Finding a Remote Boat Ramp in Scottsmoor

While we were over on the east coast of Florida one day, we decided to head south from the Edgewater area and try to find the next closest boat ramp. ¬†Down that way the ramps go into the western part of the Mosquito Lagoon. ¬†From there, make your way (in your boat) across to the […]

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