live sand dollar underwater

Living Sand Dollar Found at Low Tide

We finally went boating and luckily it was low tide along the river. This is the best time to search the sand bars for sea life. Today, I found a living sand dollar! I believe this is the first time I have ever come across such a thing. Because I can’t see in the bright […]

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The Sand Dollar Lady and Her Gift

As I was walking the beach at Ponce Inlet, scanning the blowing sand for a new seashell to collect, a woman walked up to me. She asked if the shrimping boat over in the river was stuck.   Her hair was white and her face was brown.  The brown of a person who spends lots […]

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Sea Biscuits On Sanibel Island?

I recently had a reader ask me if the treasure she found along the beaches of Sanibel, Florida was a Sea Biscuit. I have a couple of sea biscuits, which are puffy sand dollars, but I didn’t find my large one, I bought it at a shop years ago. I may have found the small […]

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Florida keyhole sand dollar

Types of Sand Dollars

Because I have a few big sand dollars myself, I will include pictures of the ones in my collection to highlight the different types of sand dollars you may find while beach-combing. I have three whole sand dollars, although the little one is slightly broken.  We may call them shells, but they are not.  They […]

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