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Our Little Boat Fishing Trip Looking For Keepers

Went out on the little boat yesterday and three of us tried our best to catch a keeper. If we wanted to eat a meal of catfish, we could easily have done so. I caught a couple of large cats when we stopped one of the backwater canals for a swim and then fished from […]

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ark shells

The Secret to Collecting Seashells You Will Want to Keep

Beaches everywhere have sea life and seashells, but some beaches are better for collecting seashells than others. The secret to collecting seashells you will want to keep, and display, is twofold. First, figure out what it is you are looking for, in general. Do you want a great big fabulous shell for the coffee table […]

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Shelling at Three Sisters Island Florida

My recent trip to Florida gave me opportunity to do some shelling, or seashell hunting. The Three Sisters Islands are in the backwater area of the intracoastal near Edgewater and that is where we dropped anchor one day. It was hot and we needed to take a dip in the very warm water (80’s at […]

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Take it From The Pro – The Sanibel Six (Seashells That Is)

I recently came across a picture on Pinterest and thought it looked familiar.  I clicked on a picture of six tropical seashells with the title “The Sanibel Six” hoping it would lead me to the blog I thought it was associated with, and it did. Blogger Pam writes the “i love shelling” blog and she […]

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If I Was On The Beach Today

(This post was written while I was living in New Hampshire. Eventually I moved back to Florida, but for a time this was only a dream.) If I was walking along the beach today I would be looking much more intently at the treasures beneath my feet than I did twenty years ago.  Shelling and […]

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