Beach Glass, Seashells and Sea Creatures in Photos

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I am still getting settled in my new place, but soon I will be out on the beach and boat finding new things to share on my blog.
For now, enjoy these photos from the public domain. Find them all at the Pixabay site. Each one has a link to the photographer who shared them.

green beach glass
Credit: Wokandapix

Learn about sea glass so you’ll know which colors are most rare and how some people sell it as real, but it’s been hand tumbled.

purple beach glass
Credit: Halfpintohoney
baby at beach big seashell
Credit: Pixabay

What kind of seashell is this next to the baby? My guess is a Queen Helmet (Cassis madagascariensis), as they can be as big as 12 inches.

squid sea life
Credit: Marcel

Photos of the Cross-barred Venus Shell

In my collection, the little white clam shells with brown splotches are named “Cross-barred Venus” (Chione cancellata). They are fairly small – up to 1 3/4 inches (4.4cm) long, and are easy to identify because of the ridges that run concentrically around the shell over the splotchy brown markings.

The lines can sometimes be very prominent as you can see in some of Patricia B. Mitchell’s shell collection.  And not all Venus shells will have the brown markings.

Cross-barred venus seashells
Cross-barred Venus Shells

The underside of the shell will most likely have some purple color to it. They are found from North Carolina to Brazil. My little collection came from Florida’s Gulf Coast.

Cross-barred venus clams with textured shells and brown stripes
The underside of the shells are dark purple or pinkish

Ridges on the Olive Shell

The animal that lives inside the Olive Shell (family Olividae), has a powerful “foot” that helps it burrow down into the sand and hide in order to grab it’s pray as it passes by. They feed on bivalves (mostly shells with 2 halves) and crabs.

Olive Shell
Ridges of the Olive Shell

I took this close up photo to show the distinct ridges at the bottom of the Olive shell. This one is shaped like a Netted Olive or Lettered Olive, but lacks the markings. It’s more of a light gold color, so I’m not sure what it is.

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