purple beach glass

Beach Glass, Seashells and Sea Creatures in Photos

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I am still getting settled in my new place, but soon I will be out on the beach and boat finding new things to share on my blog. For now, enjoy these photos from the public domain. Find them all at the Pixabay site. Each one has a link to the photographer […]

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Collecting and Buying Real Sea Glass

Collecting your own sea glass assures you it’s real, but buying on line may give you pause. Is that necklace (with the hefty price tag) made of the real thing? I may have come across sea glass during my treks to the ocean, but I never paid much attention to it. The kids and I […]

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Sea Glass Jewelry as Christmas Gifts

If someone on your Christmas list loves the ocean, I’m here to help you cross that name off the list! Genuine sea glass jewelry made from glass found on the beaches of Maine will delight your wife or sweetheart or daughter this Christmas. Anyone who loves the beach (and who doesn’t?)  would be thrilled to […]

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