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Top Rare Seashell Finds in Florida

The casual seashell collector gathers whatever looks good as they stroll along the shore, but some people are die hard searchers for that elusive rare shell.  It should be in close to perfect condition too!  Those could actually be worth some money – to a collector. I don’t know much about buying and selling seashells […]

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The Amazing Lions Paw Seashell

Did you know that it is possible to find animal paws in the ocean?  That’s right, two different shells are named after the paws of animals. Both are a form of scallop shell. The first one we will talk about is exceptionally large for a scallop. It has all the right stuff to be a […]

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The Huge Lion’s Paw Seashell

    The Lion’s Paw (Nodipecten nodosus) is a scallop shell, but a large and colorful one with sculpted ridges and bumps in a fan pattern resembling a paw.  Coloring can be orange to red or purple. It can be 6 inches (15.2 cm.) long and is sought after by collectors because of these characteristics. […]

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