Drawing of the lightning whelk seashell

New Photos, Mom and Baby Lightning Whelk Shells

Not too long ago I was going through my seashell collection and came across this little shell again. The one pictured on the right in this picture to the left. I never knew what it was and then suddenly it hit me – a juvenile lightning whelk! I knew because I finally looked long enough […]

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lightning whelk mollusk shell

The Lighting Whelk Has a Unique Feature

The lightning whelk seashell (Busycon sinistrum) lives anywhere along the coastline of Florida. When I visited Sanibel Island there were many living whelks just offshore. I live on the East coast of Florida and have also found many lightning whelks – small ones – with hermit crabs inside. Don’t collect shells which are inhabited by […]

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Lighting Whelk: The Left-Handed Seashell

    On a trip to Sanibel Island, on the Gulf coast of Florida, in 1991, we were able to find many lightning whelk shells. Most of them were inhabited by the mollusk and were easy to spot moving about on the sandy ocean bottom. I had no idea what I was collecting when I […]

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