The Poor Man’s (Woman’s) Boat


Wouldn’t we all love to have a big beautiful boat – tied to the long dock in front of our lake front home, river or waterway?  Well, I sure would.  We owned a pontoon for a few years and going out on that was most wonderful.  Of course we had to tow it for a half hour to the water (our house was inland) but stepping onto that boat and pushing off from shore was a magical feeling of leaving the world behind.


boat (Photo credit: pupski)

My son lives in Florida and goes fishing every chance he gets, which is more than most people with full time jobs because he is a firefighter.  With quite a bit of time off between shifts, he usually heads to the beach to do some surf fishing.  But his love for fishing came from our times out on the pontoon.

He can’t afford a motor boat but a kayak would be a perfect alternative for what he wants to do.  Get off the shore and into the water.  We always fished in the Itracoastal Waterway (ICW) and although it can be wide in areas, there are many little islands creating shallow places to paddle a kayak.  We took the pontoon into some very shallow areas too, but being a large boat it was difficult to navigate.  A kayak could be dragged across sandy areas to read otherwise unreachable bodies of water.

Load up the fishing poles and head out.  I think he has a goal.



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