behind the boat

Little Island Beaches, Get There Only By Boat

The beaches of Florida are talked about a lot. They attract tourists year round, but those are ocean beaches. Waves and sand and even drive-on beaches make Florida a unique beach vacation destination. My favorite beaches are not on the ocean. They are far from the crowds and tourists and often have no people present. […]

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florida horse conch shell

Found a Big Horse Conch to Take Home

Yesterday, while walking the low tide sands around Three Sisters Islands, I came across a big seashell that was empty! I saw a lot of nice crown conchs, small pear whelks, and a nice big sharks eye shell, but all were occupied by hermit crabs. Until I saw the horse conch, all I had collected […]

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Get Out On The Water in a Gheenoe

Sport fishing is a favorite pastime in Florida and the fish are plentiful.  Fishing from shore is easy enough, but getting out on the water means spending money (lots of money) on a boat.  Or does it? When I was in Florida this past summer my son’s friend had come by to go fishing at […]

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The Poor Man’s (Woman’s) Boat

  Wouldn’t we all love to have a big beautiful boat – tied to the long dock in front of our lake front home, river or waterway?  Well, I sure would.  We owned a pontoon for a few years and going out on that was most wonderful.  Of course we had to tow it for […]

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