Seashell Boat Wall Art at Goodrich’s

seashell wall art
Seashell “boat” on wall at Goodrich’s Seafood Restaurant

Recently my sons and I went out to eat at Goodrich’s Seafood Restaurant in Oak Hill. As I was admiring their new open deck eating area (see my photos below), I noticed this seashell boat art on the post near our table.

Because I spend a lot of time searching for seashells and write about them, readers often ask, “How do you display all those shells you collect?”

Personally I put them in glass bowls, or decorative platters (like in the photo below), and set them on tables. It’s a simple and uninspired way to show them off, but it works. So that’s my answer. Some people buy display cases or shelves their prettiest seashells. Other than using shells to create crafts (mirror frames and box lids), that’s about all I can think of for display ideas. The little boat art was something unique.

seashells in a big round bowl
My Seashell Collection

This “boat” looks like it was made by weaving sticks together and filling them with shells. This simple and creative idea would be worth trying if you like a rustic look.

I should have asked the waiter about the decor, but I didn’t. Many of the shells inside the decoration don’t look like shells I collect in the area. I’d like to think they are local shells and the item was put together by a local artist.

I will have to remember to ask next time I eat out.  Goodrich’s is one of the Places to Eat on the Water in the New Smyrna Beach / Oak Hill area which I wrote about in a previous post.

They made this new deck eating area after the Hurricanes of 2017 damaged their old deck.  The old boat docking area is gone, but there is a new one at the end of the deck.

new deck at Goodrich's restaurant
New deck eating area
view from deck at Goodrich's
View from the table out to the ICW
fig tree on deck
I love fig trees!

I didn’t know that fig trees could grow out in the direct sun, but this one seems to be thriving.

Their food is good and the atmosphere is casual, with a view from the spacious deck you just can’t beat.   There is usually a breeze near the water and our visit in September was very comfortable.  I’ve only had one bad experience with a grumpy waitress on a busy weekend day.  Since then, we’ve been served by super friendly and attentive folks.

Looking out on the water to the south is Mosquito Lagoon and Cape Canaveral.  To the north is New Smyrna and Ponce Inlet.

Gator Bites And Bay Scallops For Lunch

At Goodrich’s Restaurant the other day my son ordered the gator bites appetizer. He said we should order more gator because there are far too many of them around.  Who likes alligators?  They are creepy.  For some reason I don’t like the idea of eating one.  But my son highly recommends them as appetizers.

bay scallops dinner
Bay scallops and lots of fried stuff

I stuck with my bay scallops, which were yummy.  Also on the menu are frog’s legs.  I don’t see myself eating those either.

Goodrich’s menu is very “southern” with items such as grits, black-eyed peas and po’ boys on the menu.  Surprisingly they do offer New England Clam Chowder!  Lots of seafood like oysters, clam strips, shrimp, crab, scallops and fish (the catch of the day).  They also serve burgers and chicken.

For a place located in the middle of nowhere – Oak Hill is not exactly a hoppin’ place – Goodrich’s is always busy.  We chose to go in the middle of the afternoon on a weekday because of that.

fried gator bites
Gator Bites

We’d heard that Goodrich’s had sustained damage to their deck and docks from Hurricane Irma back in September 2017. This was our first visit since then.

I was trying to remember exactly how it had looked on our last visit, and finally I asked the waitress what was new, and she said the entire deck had to be rebuilt.   In fact, if you look at the video on their website you can see all the things that are missing now.  Gone are the thatched umbrellas, and the new roof now covers the entire deck, which allows for more covered seating areas.  No more picnic tables either.  The furniture is heavy-duty plastic.

She also said that the only reason it was already replaced is that some of the employees had done it. It seems the wait for hurricane repairs is still long.

new deck and overhang at Goodrich's
View south from the new deck at Goodrich’s Restaurant

Looking south in my photo above you can just see another long dock which has not been fixed.  And beyond that is the Seminole Rest historic site.

There is a place to tie off the boat if you choose that way to come eat, but the old dock is gone with only the pilings left. Maybe they will rebuild that too, but building a dock can’t be easy.

posts where the dock was
The old dock is gone thanks to the hurricanes and storms of 2017.

Although these water-view restaurants are fantastic places to eat – what better view? It must be tough when a storm, or God forbid a hurricane, comes through. Another old favorite place to eat on the water was the Sea Harvest in New Smyrna. That building is still sitting empty, but it did look like someone was re-building that one the last time we passed it in our boat.

Surprised By a Little Seafood Restaurant in Oak Hill

deck view of intracaostal
Looking north

Someone told us about Goodrich’s Seafood Restaurant while we were visiting the Oak Hill area a week or so ago, so we stopped in for lunch.

It’s a little, out-of-the way place that sits right on the Indian River / Mosquito Lagoon.  They have indoor or outdoor seating, and we chose to sit outside on a picnic table.  Even though the weather was very hot, the sea breeze kept it comfortable enough.

Unfortunately I was having stomach issues that day, so I had only the crab patty appetizer. I would have liked to order a real meal.  My two sons were with me and they each had fish and chips.  Everything was very good.

My younger son, who has grown up mostly in the northeast asked, “What are hushpuppies?” Poor thing, he’s led a sheltered life.  The condiments and extra napkins were kept inside a fishing tackle box on the table, which added to the seaside atmosphere.

This place is really not so little… there are tables with thatched umbrellas, picnic tables,  and other tables under the extended porch roof, as well as a bunch of indoor seating.  The ladies room was super clean!  I look forward to going back when I can really enjoy a nice meal.

deck dock seaside restaurant
Looking South

It appears that one could bring the boat right up and dock it to go inside and eat, but no one did that the day we were there.

outdoor dining by the Indian river
Indian River view from the deck of Goodrich’s restaurant

The historic site called “Seminole Rest” is just a bit farther south. In fact, if you look closely you can see the orange roofs of the two houses on the property among that background clump of trees in the picture above.

We did make a trip back and I got some food photos.  Check out Goodrich’s online.


IMG_0769You may be interested in reading this article written by travel writer Bob Rountree who got a photo of a rare white pelican from his visit to this area. He also goes into more detail about this restaurant and surrounding area.

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