Seashell Boat Wall Art at Goodrich’s

seashell wall art
Seashell “boat” on wall at Goodrich’s Seafood Restaurant

Recently my sons and I went out to eat at Goodrich’s Seafood Restaurant in Oak Hill. As I was admiring their new open deck eating area (see my photos below), I noticed this seashell boat art on the post near our table.

Because I spend a lot of time searching for seashells and write about them, readers often ask, “How do you display all those shells you collect?”

Personally I put them in glass bowls, or decorative platters (like in the photo below), and set them on tables. It’s a simple and uninspired way to show them off, but it works. So that’s my answer. Some people buy display cases or shelves their prettiest seashells. Other than using shells to create crafts (mirror frames and box lids), that’s about all I can think of for display ideas. The little boat art was something unique.

seashells in a big round bowl
My Seashell Collection

This “boat” looks like it was made by weaving sticks together and filling them with shells. This simple and creative idea would be worth trying if you like a rustic look.

I should have asked the waiter about the decor, but I didn’t. Many of the shells inside the decoration don’t look like shells I collect in the area. I’d like to think they are local shells and the item was put together by a local artist.

I will have to remember to ask next time I eat out.  Goodrich’s is one of the Places to Eat on the Water in the New Smyrna Beach / Oak Hill area which I wrote about in a previous post.

They made this new deck eating area after the Hurricanes of 2017 damaged their old deck.  The old boat docking area is gone, but there is a new one at the end of the deck.

new deck at Goodrich's restaurant
New deck eating area
view from deck at Goodrich's
View from the table out to the ICW
fig tree on deck
I love fig trees!

I didn’t know that fig trees could grow out in the direct sun, but this one seems to be thriving.

Their food is good and the atmosphere is casual, with a view from the spacious deck you just can’t beat.   There is usually a breeze near the water and our visit in September was very comfortable.  I’ve only had one bad experience with a grumpy waitress on a busy weekend day.  Since then, we’ve been served by super friendly and attentive folks.

Looking out on the water to the south is Mosquito Lagoon and Cape Canaveral.  To the north is New Smyrna and Ponce Inlet.

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