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Collecting and Buying Real Sea Glass

sea glassCollecting your own sea glass assures you it’s real, but buying on line may give you pause. Is that necklace (with the hefty price tag) made of the real thing?

I may have come across sea glass during my treks to the ocean, but I never paid much attention to it. The kids and I collected seashells only.  Jelly fish and horseshoe crabs that had washed up on the beach were interesting, but I don’t recall finding any pretty, worn glass.   But there are collectors of sea glass, and they know what to look for.  Just like seashells, certain ones (colors) are rare, and therefore demand a higher price. Continue reading Collecting and Buying Real Sea Glass

Seashell Identification – Common Atlantic Shells

We always called this long thin shell (pictured on top of two *Pen Shells) a “fingernail”. The correct name for it is a Jackknife Clam.

I believe this one might be the “Minor Jackknife Clam” since it was found in Florida and the Atlantic Jackknife Clam is larger and common in New England where it is sold in local markets to eat.

The Minor Jackknife is found from New Jersey to Florida and Texas.

sea shells
Florida Seashells

*Information taken from the National Audubon Society’s Field Guide to Shells.