View From the Two-Story Pavilion at Smyrna Dunes Park

Two story pavilion

This time, on my visit to Smyrna Dunes Park, I walked up to the second story of the tall pavilion located along the boardwalk on the ocean side. It seems there are always people up there, but I went up anyway and got some photos once they left.

It was a coolish day in January, and I had to renew my yearly pass ($20 for county residents). I began walking counter-clockwise on the walkway. Once I got up top, I saw a row of cars which seemed to have supplied the beach with wetsuit-wearing surfers (ocean water is in the 60’s this time of year). They were catching some nice waves.

Cars on the beach in January at New Smyrna Beach, Florida
A good day for surfing
Surfers at New Smyrna Beach, Florida
Wetsuits were needed on this January day

The tall pavilion is the only one with a second story along the boardwalk. I think Pavilion #1 allows barbecuing (this is not #1), and the others have picnic tables and trash cans. There is a tower along the other side of the boardwalk, which is also tall, but no tables (I think). I have not visited it since the boardwalk was re-done.

View of the beach from the second story of the pavilion in New Smyrna Beach.

Top: looking out to the sea, and Below: looking south to the condos along the beach. I would continue walking north, until the access to the Ponce Inlet beach area.

View south from the pavilion toward the condos.

The grass is brown this time of year and the temperatures are cool for walking. Once I came down from the pavilion, I saw a yacht coming out of the inlet into the ocean. It’s probably the largest yacht I’ve seen in the area. It came out of Ponce Inlet and turned south traveling along the shoreline.

Yacht traveling along the coastline
Big yacht which came out of the inlet into the sea

I continued to walk to the Inlet access and made my way onto the beach where I found jellyfish, out-of-town visitors, and very few seashells (bummer). I ended up walking further than I had planned, but got some good exercise and fresh air. More on that part of the walk to come.