Florida and New Hampshire, in Comparison

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Florida vs. New Hampshire

Florida and New Hampshire don’t have much in common.  I have lived for extended periods of time in both locations.  But each place has a beauty which is uniquely their own.

Both states have beaches, although they are distinctly opposite.  Warm water vs. icy cold; long stretches of smooth sand vs. one small area packed with so many people you can barely see the sand.  Actually, I haven’t been to Hampton Beach, NH since I was a kid. But the ocean water in the north stays extremely cold even in mid-summer.  I see no reason to venture near it!  I’ve been spoiled by the tropical, sandy beaches.

Let’s talk home improvements.  In Florida I had no time limits as to making home improvements.  In NH we scramble to replace the roof and landscape the yard before it freezes and snows.  Except for the afternoon thunderstorms in Florida, and the occasional threat of a hurricane, the weather was not much of a concern.

But in Florida I never felt safe, like I do living in my area of New Hampshire.   Continue reading “Florida and New Hampshire, in Comparison”

Would You Have a Seashell Driveway?

Coquillages à Fadiouth, Sénégal
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One option for a southern driveway would be to fill it with seashells. Obviously this would not work in the north and no company (that I know of) even offers it where driveways need to hold up to snow plowing. But it’s an option for those living in a tropical climate and the crushed shells add an old Florida look to the yard.

Lets list the Pros and Cons of this type of driveway.


  • All natural
  • Good looking and light colored (cooler than pavement)
  • Porous – won’t hold puddles
  • Won’t crack or stain
  • Can be used right away


  • Rough surface – no going barefoot!
  • As a play area the kids might not be so happy. (Biking, roller skating, scooters, etc.)
  • It will move around – shells can be displaced and end up in the lawn and nearby gardens.

Truthfully, I like the idea of having a seashell driveway, but these are things to think about.  I don’t know how the cost compares to concrete or asphalt, but it’s another option if you need a driveway in the south.  If you live near Jupiter, Florida give Brier’s Bobcat a call with your questions.

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