Head North – From Disney World

A few years ago I left Florida and moved back to New England where I grew up.  My Florida friends thought I was crazy, but many of them had grown up in Florida and couldn’t stand the cold.  I missed the change of seasons.  There were things I did not like about Florida, but there […]

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Five Things I Want to Do on My Florida Vacation

I don’t have a date set yet. The plane tickets are not purchased, but I do plan to get back to my old stomping grounds in central Florida one day soon. When I have the beach house or condo rented, I will begin to plan my excursions around the area where I used to live. […]

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Vacation on Florida Waterways in a Private Houseboat

Have you ever considered renting a houseboat to explore the real side of Florida?  Many tourists miss out on seeing Florida’s natural beauty when they spend all their time at Disney World. It would really be worth your trouble to do something more relaxing that the kids would love just as much as Mickey Mouse. […]

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