boardwalk at Blue Springs

Blue Springs Crystal Clear Water and Manatee Refuge

Blue Springs is one of Florida’s many state parks. It is known for it’s crystal clear swimming water, in season. It’s also a place where manatees take refuge during winter months (November to March). When the manatees call it home, there is no swimming. Located in Orange City, I’ve been to this Spring quite a […]

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Another Alligator Story, Arm Lost, Gator Killed

I woke up this morning to another alligator story coming out of Florida.  A woman swimming in the Wekiva, or Wekiwa, River in central Florida had her arm bitten off by a gator.  Subsequently the gator was found and killed. First of all, swimming in fresh water in Florida puts you near gators no matter […]

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Sharks In Florida

People who go to Florida for vacation and stay in Disney World may never hear about the dangerous side of Florida life.  They’re on vacation and really don’t want to know that Florida may not be as perfect a place as they think.  At Disney I’ve never seen a poisonous snake or spider as big […]

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