Crystal Clear Water at Sand Bar by the Inlet

It was nearly noon by the time we had traveled up to this sand bar by Ponce Inlet, Florida. That lighthouse in the distance is at the Inlet.

Sea blue-green, crystal clear ocean water
Toward the lighthouse at Ponce Inlet

Some friends had told my son about this place where the water gets super beautiful when the tide comes in.

It is unusual to find such pretty water in this area of Florida. The many mangroves keep it murky. I could not see to the bottom in the deeper places, like behind the boats in the photo below, but on the sand bar it was very clear.

Boats anchored on shallow sand bar in crystal clear water near Ponce Inlet in Florida
A beautiful day

The water temperature was 85 so we spent a few hours just lounging in the water. The current was pretty strong, pulling inward from the ocean, and floating meant you could quickly drift away.

We took advantage of the current and walked to the far end and floated back.

sun and warm water day on the river
Heading up to ride the current

We did see fish and stingrays in the shallow area because the water was so clear. I am afraid of stingrays and kept my distance to photograph this little group (center of photo).

Stingrays gliding along the sand
Stingrays gliding along the sand

As the tide kept coming in, the water got more blue. I couldn’t see the bottom in the deep area, but in the shallows, it was very clear. Unfortunately I found no shells here! The current is too strong I suspect.

Deep blue water
The drop from the sand bar to the deeper water

This is the best part of Florida, IMO. We went on a Thursday so there were few other boats around. Plus, storms had been regularly building each day, but this day they never showed.

boats anchored on sand bar Florida
Boats parked along the sand bar

Back toward the Inlet is where Disappearing Island is located. We have been there, but not very often. This gorgeous water makes it worth the trip up this way.

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