Using Seashells For Christmas Tree Ornaments

white sand dollar
A sand dollar just waiting to be decorated.

At Christmas time many families like to decorate their tree with some homemade ornaments. A coastal or southern lifestyle will usually include trips to the beach and all those seashells can be used as home decor as well as ornaments. Just use a little imagination and you can use your beach shells in crafts and activities for the kids.

These days money seems to be tighter than ever, so giving homemade gifts at the holidays is a popular option. Continue reading “Using Seashells For Christmas Tree Ornaments”

Mom, Look What I Found! Get the Bucket

shells in a glass bowl
A Bowl of Seashells

Children are just naturally inquisitive and at the beach they are bound to continuously run up to you with a new treasure in hand.  Mom, look what I found!  I always had a bucket ready to hold the shells, broken and whole, that my children had discovered while digging moats and building castles in the sand.  Children have an innocent and unique way of looking at everything.  They don’t bypass the ordinary as we adults might do, because everything to them is Continue reading “Mom, Look What I Found! Get the Bucket”

Sand Dollar Coloring Page Free Download

This sand dollar image was drawn by me and is offered as a free download. It is meant for personal, home or homeschool use and can not be re-distributed or sold. It is copyright protected. Please enjoy.

Keyhole Sand Dollar

sand dollar coloring page printout download keyhole

Arrowhead Sand Dollar

Sand dollar drawing for coloring

Sand dollars are found in groups along the sandy bottom of the ocean. When alive they have a dark appearance and can be brown, black or purple.

We always picture them as being white but that happens when they are washed up on shore and bleached by the sun. Those are the ones we beachcomb for….you should never keep any living sand dollars…live and let live.

I have a lot of broken pieces but very few whole sand dollars.

One day while walking along the beach at Ponce Inlet, a woman walked up to me and gave me a sand dollar she had found!

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