abandoned frame of tent trash

Pigs in Paradise

We went boating when my youngest son visited in January, and I visited one of my favorite islands. The idea was to take a little charcoal grill and grill some hotdogs. (We already know that catching and cooking our own fish is a pipe dream!) We first stopped at a camping spot near JB’s but […]

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seashell cut in half

Little Shell Cut in Half Among A Million Others

Found a little shell which looked cut in half and added it to my collection. It was among the millions of shells piled along an island beach. I haven’t been boating, fishing or beach-combing for a while. Sometimes life gets in the way of those things. Also, it’s been cool here in Florida – which […]

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beach sand at low tide

Collecting New Types of Shells in a Deserted Area

Our beaches on the East coast of Florida are not as well known for shell collecting as they are over on the Gulf Coast. Visit Sanibel Island and you are likely to go home with a fabulous assortment of beautiful seashells. We have to work harder to find shells on the East coast beaches, and […]

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