lightning whelk shell

The Whelks of Florida

The Whelk shells of Florida are widely collected and they can be some of the largest shells you’ll find on Florida beaches. (Don’t collect them if they are inhabited.) The Knobbed Whelk (Busycon carica), Channeled Whelk (Busycon canaliculatum), Pear Whelk (Busycon spiratum) and Lightning Whelk (Busycon contrarium) can all be quite large – the Pear […]

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starfish coloring page

Star Fish Are Sea Stars

Starfish are sea stars and whatever you choose to call them they are living creatures and amazing animals. As I’ve written this blog over the years, I’ve begun to realize that purchasing any type of seashell or starfish is not a good idea. The starfish pictured here were bought by me before I knew better. […]

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The Cowry Seashell

The cowry shell (also spelled ‘cowrie’) is popular on jewelry such as necklaces and bracelets and is found in varying sizes as you can see in the picture from Wikipedia.   This shell was widely used throughout the world as a form of currency. I found another interesting use for the cowry.  According to the “Shells […]

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Seashell Identification: How It Began

I am not a seashell expert, just an everyday person who has taken an interest in identifying the Florida shells I have collected over the years.   This page is about how and why the seashell identification blog began. The east coast Florida beaches never offered up a lot of shells, but coquinas and arks were […]

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