black and silver jingle shells

The Mermaid’s Toenails Turned Black

The common jingle shell (Anomia ephippium) is easy to identify, but maybe not from a distance.  While walking along the shoreline, spotting a black shell could mean you’ve found just about anything.  Any shell can end up turning dark gray or black in color if the conditions are right. On my latest visit to the […]

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Beach-combing Again in Florida

As a celebration of my moving back to Florida recently, we went to the beach yesterday! How sweet is was to float in the warm ocean water again. And of course I had to search for seashells. The central east coast is not known for it’s abundance of seashells, but I did find a few […]

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The Cute and Colorful Kittenpaw Seashell

The colorful Atlantic kitten paw (Plicatula gibosa) seashell is a favorite to find along Florida beaches. I may have found one or two on my travels to the east coast of Florida, but I started a little collection when I visited Sanibel Island.  The kitten paws are small and colorful with bumpy ridges that fan […]

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The Interesting Iridescent Pen Shell

Pen shells (family Pinnidae) are usually gray or brown in color with an iridescent sheen.  They are long and tapered in a triangular shape and most of the ones I’ve seen were on the east coast beaches in Florida. They can be huge!  My resource book says up to thirty-one inches in length!   But […]

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scallop shells

Top Rare Seashell Finds in Florida

The casual seashell collector gathers whatever looks good as they stroll along the shore, but some people are die hard searchers for that elusive rare shell.  It should be in close to perfect condition too!  Those could actually be worth some money. The three top rare shells to keep in mind while beach combing the […]

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