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Finding A Sea Rock

On my recent Florida vacation I spent as much time as possible at the beach. And I always kept my eyes open for seashells, and other gifts from the sea. This little sea rock was a unique find. The east coast beaches of Florida, where I visited, is not known as a beachcomber’s paradise, but […]

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A Seashell Quest

Have you been reading my blog or viewing my seashell photos and decided to go on a quest for one (or some) of these shells?   April vacation is the time when many northerners head south to soak up some Florida sunshine and most of them do that somewhere along that long coastline.  If you are […]

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blue seashells postcard arks clam shells

Blue Seashells Postcard

I spent a lot of time picking up seashells along the Florida coastline when I was a resident there, and the blue shells are some of my favorite. Because they all somewhat match, I arranged them around a white moon shell and took this photo to use in my Millhill shop. Blue Seashells Postcard Read […]

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disc dosinia seashells

Where and When To Find The Best Seashells?

Most people love to find and collect seashells. The “best shells” is a relative term, as it may mean different things to different beach-combers. I’m lucky to live in Florida where a beach is always close by. The West coast is the place to search for beautiful shells, and probably the Keys too, but I […]

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The Cute, Common Nutmeg Shell

The Common Nutmeg sea shell is small, only 1 – 2 inches long, or slightly larger. You will find them while beachcombing along the southern U.S. coast from North Carolina to Texas and also in the waters of Brazil. The bumpy little shell contains spiral cords crossed by ribs which give it a latticed look. […]

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