Seashell With Orange Inside

Guessing at the type of seashell in this seashell photography.


Identifying Your Seashells, Where to Start?

How to identify the seashell you collect.

The Alphabet Cone Shell

Cone shells are fairly small shells that are shaped like – can you imagine? – a cone.  Think of a pointed ice cream cone – a sugar cone – without an opening for the ice cream.  Instead you will see a tight, fairly flattened spiral. They can be found all along the coast of Florida…

Little White Moon Snail Seashell

There are many types, shapes and sizes of the moon shell family (Naticidae) but this little snail stands out because of it’s milky white and very glossy appearance. The Milk Moon Snail (Polinices lacteus) is a common find on the beaches from North Carolina to Brazil and will be fairly small. Mine is only 3/4…