How I Promote My Zazzle Products Fast

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Envelope Seals

I’ve been running a design business from home, through the Zazzle company, since 2007. Now that I have the hang of design and store set-up (mostly), my main focus day-to-day is promotion of my products. If you work online you already know that promotion is BIG. Simply having great things to sell means very little if no one ever sees what you have created.

Way back, during my beginner days at Zazzle, Amy Jordan suggested that I make wedding items. She said that they appear to be money-makers, so I took her advice and ventured into the huge wedding market. I didn’t even realize how huge it was at the time. The fact that I sell anything in a bloated sea of wedding stationery is a surprise in itself. The fact that I can make a living selling wedding stationery is a blessing. It may also be greatly due to the fact that I have been promoting myself for years.

In 2007 I didn’t know how to do any of this when I began (what turned out to be my Dream Job). I had no idea how to make money online, but I gave it a whirl. I had nothing to lose, as Zazzle charges nothing to join and sell at their site. Continue reading “How I Promote My Zazzle Products Fast”

Zazzle ProSeller

Zazzle is an on-line, POD (print on demand) store where I currently run 7 shops (as of summer 2010). By constantly creating and promoting my stores, I made Bronze ProSeller status in June 2009 and now…………….

zazzle badge
ProSeller Silver

Thank you to my wonderful customers for making me a Silver ProSeller in May 2010!!

At the end of 2008, Zazzle began a program called the ProSeller program and this title is awarded to any contributor averaging $100 (and up) a month in commission money, for 3 months in a row. We all set our own percentage mark-up, so it’s up to us what we make from each sale. As we sell more, the ProSeller levels increase from Bronze (making at least $100 month), to Silver, Gold and all the way up to Diamond (making $25,000) an month!

………………… I am pushing towards that Diamond level !!!


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