Do a Seashell Puzzle on a Rainy (or Sunny) Day

Puzzles are fun to do and fun to make at Zazzle. Photography or artwork can be added to any size puzzle, so it’s easy to make your own.

I have many seashell photos and have added them to precut puzzles to sell in my Seashells by Millhill store store.

I had my doubts about puzzles being a good selling item. Puzzles are somewhat retro, and generally only appeal to certain people.
However, I have been proven wrong.

Seashell photography is something that generally does sell well. Adding it to a fun item like puzzles in custom sizes makes perfect sense.

Zazzle puzzles
Puzzle sizes and options.

Coastal cottages and beach rentals usually have books and puzzles for their guests.  Everyone needs a way to relax after spending a day in the sun.   We even worked on a puzzle recently when we stayed at an the Manor on Golden Pond in New Hampshire.  It was set up in the lobby for guests to enjoy.

Puzzles are a calm way to spend time with the family – especially on a rainy day. Shut off the TV and work together to make a little masterpiece.
If you are staying at a beach in a very hot location, the middle of the day is a good time to take a break from the sun. Have a drink and work on a pretty, seashell puzzle.

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