Personalized Wedding Favor Ideas

Find wedding favor ideas on this page. Most favors have tropical and beach themes, but a few do not. Popular items include chocolate and candy, key rings, matchbooks and favor bags. All items have text templates and a few have photo templates.

On this page:

  • Edible Favors
  • Cookies, Frosting Rounds, and Cake Pops
  • Custom Keyrings
  • Can and Bottle Holders
  • Custom Bottle Labels for beer, wine, champagne, and water bottles
  • Favor Bags – set of 50 paper bags
  • Matchboxes
  • Individual Hand Sanitizers

Chocolate and Edible Favors

New to the design line up is the Hershey’s kisses with stickers, and chocolate bar wrappers. Bar wrappers can be made for small or large candy bars. Each sticker will be added to the candy by the purchaser – unless the product is ordered pre-assembled for an up-charge.

Hershey kisses for wedding with starfish and frangipani flower design.
White starfish wedding kisses with names and “thank you” text.
Chocolate wedding candy with custom stickers and white starfish designs.
Seahorses purple wedding favors
Starfish and blue hydrangea Chocolate kisses sticker with “thank you” text.
Bird of paradise wedding candy wrappers to personalize with names and date.
Pineapple theme wedding candy bar favors

Desserts and Frosting Rounds to Customize

Zazzle offers cookies, brownies, cake pops, and frosting rounds to personalize for a wedding or other special event. Designs are added to edible toppers and are perfect for a bridal shower or reception dessert.

Sugar cookies (per dozen)
2 inch square brownies
White orchid Oreo cookies dipped in white chocolate for weddings or birthday parties.
Dipped Oreos
Frosting rounds – minimum 30
Order per dozen
Shortbread cookies with photo template for weddings, graduation, new baby or other special event.
Photo template shortbread cookies

Key Ring Wedding Favors

The key rings, or key chains, come in many styles, but the basic button, shown here, is the cheapest. Bulk discounts, of 20% off, begin with only ten key rings! See more info on each product page. I don’t have key rings made for every wedding theme, so please don’t hesitate to ask for something. Contact me at millhill11@gmail(dot)com to make a request about design work.

Sand dollar key chain wedding favors
Beach chairs wedding key ring fovors.
Wedding key ring favors with starfish bride and groom and custom text.
Bird of paradise wedding favors key ring with saying, “to have and to hold from this day forward”.
Yellow plumeria flourish wedding key ring favors
White starfish and text, beach wedding key ring favors.
Two starfish wedding key ring favors

Can and Bottle Coolers

The decorated beer, or soda, can and bottle coolers are a nice addition to a low-key pre-wedding party or shower. Bulk discounts begin at 25 pieces.

White orchids bottle coozie for special summer events.
Can and Bottle Holders
Pink frangipani flowers bottle holder for weddings and parties.
White and yellow plumeria flowers bottle holder for parties and showers.

Custom Wedding Bottle Labels

Bottle labels come in many sizes to fit all types of drinks served at a reception, rehearsal dinner or shower. Customize each design with your text. Add to mini-champagne bottles, large wine bottles, beer bottles, water bottles and mini-liquor bottles. Not every design will transfer to all label sizes. If you like a design but need it in another size, please contact me for help. ( millhill11@gmail[dot]com )

Pink plumeria mini champagne bottle labels for weddings.
Mini-champagne bottles
Beer bottles
Wine bottles
Hawaiian frangipani flowers mini-wine bottle labels.
Mini-wine bottles
Hibiscus bridal shower water bottle labels.
Water bottles
Bachelor party palm trees bottle labels for mini bottles of booze.
Bachelor Party
Beach wedding beer bottle labels
Blue green water label for mini champagne bottles.
Wedding wine bottle labels with a beach theme.

Favor Bags

Favor bags come in sets of 50 and can be printed on white or kraft paper. Each bag measures 5 x 8 inches and is lined to be food safe. They are perfect for filling with little goodies, and saying “thank you” to shower and wedding guests. Read more about the product on the product page.

Seaside garden blue hydrangea and starfish wedding favor bags to personalize with text.
White sea star wedding favor bags from the Seaside Garden design line.
Yellow plumeria flowers wedding favor bags with custom text.
Starfish couple beach wedding favor bags in bulk.
Pink plumeria flowers favor bags for weddings and bridal showers.
Sand dollar and seashells favor bags for weddings, showers, or birthday parties.

Matchbox Favors

Custom matchboxes come in sets of 50 with the option to have a white or black background. The matchboxes are perfect for setting on reception tables, or use at showers and rehearsal dinner gatherings. Change the text and use at milestone birthday parties and other events. The matches can be used to light table candles, or grab for a quick outdoor smoke. They come in packages of 50. The stickers come separate to be added by the purchaser, or pay extra to get them pre-assembled.

Three color choices

Hand Sanitizer Packets and Travel Bottles

Sold in increments of ten, the hand sanitizer packets can be personalized for your event. The small bottles come in sets of twelve.

I have not designed many of these, so please make a request if you’d like a design to match your wedding or shower theme.

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