Tropical Neck Ties For Grooms and Events

We make ties suited for tropical weddings and events. Ties contain brightly colored tropical flowers like the Hawaiian plumeria, also called frangipani. Our patterns tend to be related to the beach and sea, like the ship’s wheel pattern, and popular sea stars. These tie designs are perfect for wearing to dinner on a cruise ship, or for dressing the groom and groomsmen in a seaside wedding.

Neck Ties With Hawaiian Plumeria Flowers

Ties are made of 100% polyester with a silky finish. Dry clean only. Tie dimensions are 4 inches wide at the widest part and 55 inches in length.

Ship’s Wheel Patterned Neck Ties

The nautical patterned ties have a ship’s wheel pattern in brown over your choice of background colors. See more options by clicking an image to see the product page.

Surfboard Ties

A tiny pattern of surfboards cover these ties in turquoise and navy blue colors. More background colors are available.

Starfish, or Sea Stars, Patterned Ties

Sea stars, or starfish, decorate these ties and make nice accessories for members of a beach wedding. The two white starfish patterns can represent the couple and the unisex colors work for anyone.

Sailor’s Valentine Patterned Ties

The ties with patterns made up of seashell clusters are modeled after the sailor’s valentines of old. Traditionally, it was thought that sailors who traveled far from home for months on end would collect seashells and create gifts – called the sailor’s valentine, from them. Now, the belief is that the sailors bought the beautiful works of art, made my local women on the island of Barbados.

I’ve used my own seashell photos to isolate the shell images and arrange them in ways that mimic the valentines (in much simpler form). Those seashell clusters have been tiled over solid color ties to create these unique accessories.