Simple Seaside Ceremony Invitations

Many seaside wedding ceremonies are small and casual. Often couples will choose to spend less on the wedding and more on the honeymoon. Getting married on the beach makes for beautiful photos and fun times, but often the weather can be detrimental to staying on the sand for a long time. Beaches tend to be windy, and in tropical climates, very humid. To make things easier, having a small group of people in attendance can make things much simpler.

The wedding invitation templates on this page are a sample of our simple ceremony invitations. The wording is casual and fun. The sample text is either for a marriage ceremony or renewing vows, anniversary celebration. Often the templates are easy to change to suit either type of ceremony.

Wedding Invitation Templates With Ocean Water Designs

ocean wedding invitation templates

Seaside Renewing Vows Invitations With Plumeria and Beach Rose Designs

plumeria wedding invitation templates

All-in-one Invitations

The all-in-one invitations in the collection below come with detachable reply cards and a place to include addresses on the outside.

all in one wedding invitations

Marriage Ceremony Invitation Templates With Sand Dollars

wedding invitations with sand dollars

Wedding Invitations with Seashells

beach wedding invitation with starfish seashells

To Have and To Hold From This Day Forward – Heart-shaped Fans