Seashell Photography Posters and Wall Art

This page contains my own seashell photography, beach scenes, sea life, and designs, added to posters, metal, wood and acrylic wall hangings.

When I am out boating and walking the shallows at low tide, I take photos of the nature found there. Often I will find beautiful seashells that are inhabited by either hermit crabs, or the snail that made the shell. Sometimes I find empty shells that will come home with me and be added to my small collection.

Also included here are photos of Florida places, such as the Smyrna Dunes boardwalk and beaches around Ponce Inlet.

Seashells and beach themed posters and wall art

Choose a favorite medium to hang on the wall. Zazzle offers affordable posters and more durable wood, metal and acrylic for photography. Most images will transfer from one type to another.

Sepia tone, seashell photography wood wall art.
Wood wall art, 8×10 inches
Black and white seashell photography poster.
Seashell poster, 25×20 inches
Black and white metal wall art photo of a wooden boardwalk in Smyrna Dunes Park in Florida.
Metal wall art, 24×20 inches – more sizes
Pretty and colorful seashells poster.
Poster 14.67 x 11 inches – one size only
Starfish wood wall hanging in small six inch square size.  Blue distressed wood design printed on actual wood block.
Sea star on wood block, ready to hang
Sand dollar on blue wood wall hanging.  Six inch square, ready to hang wood block.
Sand dollar on wood block wall art
Photography acrylic wall art with Ponce Inlet lighthouse and ocean water.
36×24 Acrylic wall art – Ponce Inlet, Florida
Triptych starfish and seashells wall photography printed on three separate panels.
Large starfish and seashells triptych wall art.
Water image photo frame with your photo printed on durable acrylic - one foot square.
12×12 inches, Photo Template, Water Frame – Add your own photo to this acrylic.
Sport fishing wall art in three panels.  Blue wood look triptych panels have marlin, tarpon and rooster fish images.
Sport fishing triptych panels with wood look. Total size is 32×32 – hang panels separately.
Poster with sand dollars and sea horses and starfish in large 24 inch square size.
24×24 inches, sand dollars wall poster
Seashells photography poster in square size with black seashells among tan and white.  Bits of sand dollar, sharks eye, and other Florida beach shells.
16 x 16 inches square, black seashells poster

Florida creatures from the sea

Live Fighting Conch sea snail in the shell – size 20 x 25 inches shown.
20 x 20 in. manatee poster
Low tide beach photography taken at Smyrna Dunes Park showing the ripples in the sand as the water moves.
Shown on metal, size 20 x 16 inches.
Metal seashells poster, 16 x 16 inches
Metal wall art, 20 x 24 inches
Sea dunes photography poster from the east coast of Florida at Ponce Inlet.
Sea dunes photography poster. Taken at Smyrna Dunes Park at Ponce Inlet, showing the old boardwalk covered in sand. Size 32 x 24 inches.

12-Month Wall Calendar

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Puzzles with Seashells

8×10 inch puzzle

Puzzles will come in various sizes, unless the image must fit a specific size. Choose puzzle piece size from large for children, to tiny for more of a challenge.

Not all puzzles will have this option.

Puzzle 8×10 – size selections
Puzzle 11×14 – more sizes
Lightning Whelk puzzle – 11×14